Instance Method


Reloads the data for only the specified rows and columns.


func reloadData(forRowIndexes rowIndexes: IndexSet, columnIndexes: IndexSet)



The indexes of the rows to update.


The indexes of the columns to update.


For cells that are visible, the appropriate dataSource and delegate methods are called and the cells are redrawn.

For tables that support variable row heights, the row height is not re-queried from the delegate; it is your responsibility to invoke noteHeightOfRows(withIndexesChanged:) if a row height change is required.

See Also

Managing the Table's Data

var dataSource: NSTableViewDataSource?

The object that provides the data displayed by the table view.

var usesStaticContents: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the table uses static data.

func reloadData()

Marks the table view as needing redisplay, so it will reload the data for visible cells and draw the new values.