Instance Property


An array containing the current table column objects.


var tableColumns: [NSTableColumn] { get }


This property contains an array of NSTableColumn objects corresponding to the columns in the table. This array contains all columns, including those that are currently hidden.

See Also

Column Management

func addTableColumn(NSTableColumn)

Adds the specified column as the last column of the table view.

func removeTableColumn(NSTableColumn)

Removes the specified column from the table view.

func moveColumn(Int, toColumn: Int)

Moves the column and heading at the specified index to the new specified index.

func column(withIdentifier: NSUserInterfaceItemIdentifier) -> Int

Returns the index of the first column in the table view whose identifier is equal to the specified identifier.

func tableColumn(withIdentifier: NSUserInterfaceItemIdentifier) -> NSTableColumn?

Returns the NSTableColumn object for the first column whose identifier is equal to the specified object.