Instance Property


The index of the column the user clicked.


@property(readonly) NSInteger clickedColumn;


This property contains the index in the tableColumns array of the column that the user clicked. The value is -1 when the user clicks in an area of the table view that is not occupied by columns or when the user clicks a row that is a group separator.

The value of this property is meaningful in the target object’s implementation of the action and double-action methods. You can also use the value to determine which contextual menu to display when the user Control-clicks in a table. Note that the clickedColumn value remains valid when the menu item sends the action message. To see an example of using clickedColumn in the implementation of a contextual menu, download the DragNDropOutlineView: implementing drag and drop in an NSOutlineView sample project.

See Also

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The message sent to the table view’s target when the user double-clicks a cell or column header.


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