Instance Property


The object that provides the data displayed by the table view.


@property(weak) id<NSTableViewDataSource> dataSource;


The data source for the table view must implement the appropriate methods of the NSTableViewDataSource protocol. See Populating a Table View Programmatically and the NSTableViewDataSource protocol specification for more information. Note that in versions of macOS prior to v10.12, the table view did not retain the data source in a managed memory environment.

Setting the data source invokes tile.

If the delegate doesn’t respond to either numberOfRowsInTableView: or tableView:objectValueForTableColumn:row:, NSInternalInconsistencyException may be raised.

See Also

Managing the Table's Data


A Boolean value indicating whether the table uses static data.

- reloadData

Marks the table view as needing redisplay, so it will reload the data for visible cells and draw the new values.

- reloadDataForRowIndexes:columnIndexes:

Reloads the data for only the specified rows and columns.