Instance Method


Inserts the rows using the specified animation.


func insertRows(at indexes: IndexSet, withAnimation animationOptions: NSTableView.AnimationOptions = [])



The final positions of the new rows to be inserted.


The animation displayed during the insert. See NSTableView.AnimationOptions for the possible values that can be combined using the C bitwise OR operator.


The numberOfRows in the table view is automatically increased by the count of indexes.

Calling this method multiple times within the same beginUpdates() and endUpdates() block is allowed, and changes are processed incrementally.

See Also

Updating the Table View Arrangement

func beginUpdates()

Begins a group of updates for the table view.

func endUpdates()

Ends the group of updates for the table view.

func moveRow(at: Int, to: Int)

Moves the specified row to the new row location using animation.

func row(for: NSView) -> Int

Returns the index of the row for the specified view.

func column(for: NSView) -> Int

Returns the column index for the specified view.