Instance Property


A Boolean value indicating whether the table uses static data.


@property BOOL usesStaticContents;


A static table does not rely on a data source to provide the number of rows. A static table view’s contents are set at design time and can be changed programmatically as needed. Typically, you do not change the contents of a static table view after setting them.

In Xcode, any rows you add to a static table are saved in the corresponding nib or storyboard file and loaded with the rest of the table at runtime. You can add table rows programmatically to a static table view using the insertRowsAtIndexes:withAnimation: method. When adding rows programmatically, your table view delegate must implement the tableView:viewForTableColumn:row: method to provide the corresponding view for any new rows. You can also remove rows at any time using the removeRowsAtIndexes:withAnimation: method.

See Also

Managing the Table's Data


The object that provides the data displayed by the table view.

- reloadData

Marks the table view as needing redisplay, so it will reload the data for visible cells and draw the new values.

- reloadDataForRowIndexes:columnIndexes:

Reloads the data for only the specified rows and columns.