Instance Method


Returns the currently focused column.


func focusedColumn() -> Int

Return Value

The index of the column, or -1 if there is no focused column


The focus interaction will always be on the selectedRow of the table. If the selectedRow is a full width cell, then focusedColumn will return 1 when focused.

See Also

Deprecated Methods

func setFocusedColumn(Int)

Sets the currently focused column to the specified index.

func shouldFocusCell(NSCell, atColumn: Int, row: Int) -> Bool

Returns whether the fully prepared cell at the specified row and column can be made the focused cell.

func performClickOnCell(atColumn: Int, row: Int)

Performs a click action on the cell at the specified row and column.

func preparedCell(atColumn: Int, row: Int) -> NSCell?

Returns the fully prepared cell that the table view will use for drawing or processing of the specified row and column.