Instance Method


Sets the indicator image of the specified column.


func setIndicatorImage(_ image: NSImage?, in tableColumn: NSTableColumn)



The indicator image for the column.


The table column.


The default sorting order indicators are available as named NSImage objects. These images are accessed using [NSImage imageNamed:] passing either @"NSAscendingSortIndicator" (the "^" icon), and @"NSDescendingSortIndicator" (the "v" icon).

See Also

Setting Display Attributes

var intercellSpacing: NSSize

The horizontal and vertical spacing between cells.

var rowHeight: CGFloat

The height of each row in the table.

var backgroundColor: NSColor

The color used to draw the background of the table.

var usesAlternatingRowBackgroundColors: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the table view uses alternating row colors for its background.

var selectionHighlightStyle: NSTableView.SelectionHighlightStyle

The selection highlight style used by the table view to indicate row and column selection.

var gridColor: NSColor

The color used to draw grid lines.

var gridStyleMask: NSTableView.GridLineStyle

The grid lines drawn by the table view.

func indicatorImage(in: NSTableColumn) -> NSImage?

Returns the indicator image of the specified table column.