Instance Property


A Boolean value indicating whether vertical motion is treated as a drag or selection change.


var verticalMotionCanBeginDrag: Bool { get set }


The default value of this property is true, which indicates that a vertical drag motion begins a drag. In this case a vertical drag will drag-select rows. Most often, you would want to disable vertical dragging when it’s expected that horizontal dragging is the natural motion.

See Also


func canDragRows(with: IndexSet, at: NSPoint) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the table view allows dragging the rows with the drag initiated at the specified point.

func setDraggingSourceOperationMask(NSDragOperation, forLocal: Bool)

Sets the default operation mask returned by draggingSourceOperationMaskForLocal: to mask.

var draggingDestinationFeedbackStyle: NSTableView.DraggingDestinationFeedbackStyle

The feedback style displayed when the user drags over the table view.