Instance Method


Moves the specified row to the new row location using animation.


func moveRow(at oldIndex: Int, to newIndex: Int)



Initial row index.


New row index.


This is similar to removing a row at oldIndex and inserting it at newIndex, except the same view is used and simply has its position updated to the new location.

Changes happen incrementally as they are sent to the table, so as soon as this method is called the row can be considered moved. However the underlying view is not moved until endUpdates() has been called.

This method can be called multiple times within the same beginUpdates() and endUpdates() block.

See Also

Updating the Table View Arrangement

func beginUpdates()

Begins a group of updates for the table view.

func endUpdates()

Ends the group of updates for the table view.

func row(for: NSView) -> Int

Returns the index of the row for the specified view.

func column(for: NSView) -> Int

Returns the column index for the specified view.