Instance Method


Asks the delegate for the row within the specified search range that matches the specified string.


- (NSInteger)tableView:(NSTableView *)tableView nextTypeSelectMatchFromRow:(NSInteger)startRow toRow:(NSInteger)endRow forString:(NSString *)searchString;



The table view that sent the message.


The starting row of the search range.


The ending row of the search range.


A string containing the typed selection.

Return Value

The first row in the range of startRow through endRow (excluding endRow itself) that matches selectionString. Return -1 if no match is found.


Use this method to control how type selection works in a table. (Implementation of this method isn’t required to support type selection.) Note that it’s possible for endRow to be less than startRow if the search will wrap.

See Also

Selecting Rows

- selectionShouldChangeInTableView:

Asks the delegate if the user is allowed to change the selection.

- tableView:shouldSelectRow:

Asks the delegate if the table view should allow selection of the specified row.

- tableView:selectionIndexesForProposedSelection:

Asks the delegate to accept or reject the proposed selection.

- tableView:shouldSelectTableColumn:

Asks the delegate whether the specified table column can be selected.

- tableViewSelectionIsChanging:

Tells the delegate that the table view’s selection is in the process of changing.

- tableViewSelectionDidChange:

Tells the delegate that the table view’s selection has changed.

- tableView:shouldTypeSelectForEvent:withCurrentSearchString:

Asks the delegate to allow or deny type select for the specified event and current search string.

- tableView:typeSelectStringForTableColumn:row:

Asks the delegate to provide an alternative text value used for type selection for the specified row and column.