Instance Property


The array of tab view items used to manage each of the child view controllers.


@property(copy) NSArray<__kindof NSTabViewItem *> *tabViewItems;


This property contains an array of NSTabViewItem objects. Each tab view item contains information about a tab in the tab view interface, including the child view controller that manages the tab’s contents.

Assigning a new array to this property updates the set of tabs displayed by the tab view controller.

See Also

Managing Tab View Items

- tabViewItemForViewController:

Returns the tab view item for the specified child view controller.

- addTabViewItem:

Adds the specified tab to the end of the tab view controller’s list of tabs.

- insertTabViewItem:atIndex:

Inserts a tab view into the tab view controller’s list of tabs.

- removeTabViewItem:

Removes the specified tab view item from the tab view controller.


The index of the selected tab.