Instance Method


Returns the rectangle within which glyphs should be laid out for the specified arguments.


func rectForLayout(at startingPoint: NSPoint, in rect: NSRect, textContainer: NSTextContainer, characterRange charRange: NSRange) -> NSRect



The location, in container coordinates, where layout begins.


The rectangle in which the block is constrained to lie. For top-level blocks, this is the container rectangle of textContainer; for nested blocks, this is the layout rectangle of the enclosing block.


The text container being used for the layout.


The range of the characters in the NSTextStorage object whose glyphs are to be drawn.

Return Value

The rectangle within which glyphs should be laid out.


This method is called by the typesetter before the text block is laid out to return the rectangle within which glyphs should be laid out.

See Also

Determining size and position of a text block

func boundsRect(forContentRect: NSRect, in: NSRect, textContainer: NSTextContainer, characterRange: NSRange) -> NSRect

Returns the rectangle the text in the block actually occupies, including padding, borders, and margins.