Instance Method


Posts a notification that the text has changed and forwards this message to the receiver’s cell if it responds.


func textDidChange(_ notification: Notification)



The textDidChangeNotification notification that is posted to the default notification center.


This method causes the receiver’s delegate to receive a controlTextDidChange(_:) message. See the NSControl class specification for more information on the text delegate method.

See Also

NSText Delegate Method Implementations

func textShouldBeginEditing(NSText) -> Bool

Requests permission to begin editing a text object.

func textDidBeginEditing(Notification)

Posts a notification that the text is about to begin editing to the default notification center.

func textShouldEndEditing(NSText) -> Bool

Performs validation on the receiver’s new value.

func textDidEndEditing(Notification)

Handles an end of editing.