Instance Method


Returns the window level of the receiver.


- (NSInteger)windowLevel;

Return Value

The window level of the receiver.


Implementation of this method is optional. A class adopting NSTextInputClient can implement this interface to specify its window level if it is higher than NSFloatingWindowLevel.

See Also

Optional Methods

- attributedString

Returns an attributed string representing the receiver's text storage.

- fractionOfDistanceThroughGlyphForPoint:

Returns the fraction of the distance from the left side of the character to the right side that a given point lies.

- baselineDeltaForCharacterAtIndex:

Returns the baseline position of a given character relative to the origin of rectangle returned by firstRectForCharacterRange:actualRange:.

- drawsVerticallyForCharacterAtIndex:

Informs the text input management system whether the protocol-conforming client renders the character at the given index vertically.