An object that represents the Cocoa text input system.


class NSTextInputContext : NSObject


The text input system communicates primarily with the client of the activated input context via the NSTextInputClient protocol.


Creating an Input Context

init(client: NSTextInputClient)

The designated initializer

Getting the Input Context and Client

class var current: NSTextInputContext?

Returns the current, activated, text input context object.

var client: NSTextInputClient

The owner of this input context. (read-only)

Configuring the Input Context

var acceptsGlyphInfo: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the client handles NSGlyphInfoAttributeName or not.

var allowedInputSourceLocales: [String]?

The set of keyboard input source locales allowed when this input context is active.

Activating the Input Context

func activate()

Activates the receiver.

func deactivate()

Deactivates the receiver.

Handling Input Sources

func handleEvent(NSEvent) -> Bool

Tells the Cocoa text input system to handle mouse or key events.

func discardMarkedText()

Tells the Cocoa text input system to discard the current conversion session.

func invalidateCharacterCoordinates()

Notifies the Cocoa text input system that the position information previously queried via methods like firstRectForCharacterRange:actualRange: needs to be updated.

var keyboardInputSources: [NSTextInputSourceIdentifier]?

The array of keyboard text input source identifier strings available to the receiver. (read-only)

var selectedKeyboardInputSource: NSTextInputSourceIdentifier?

The identifier string for the selected keyboard text input source.

class func localizedName(forInputSource: NSTextInputSourceIdentifier) -> String?

Returns the display name for the given text input source identifier.


class let keyboardSelectionDidChangeNotification: NSNotification.Name

Posted after the selected text input source changes.


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Input Management

protocol NSTextInput

A set of methods that text views must implement to interact properly with the text input management system.

protocol NSTextInputClient

A set of methods that text views must implement to interact properly with the text input management system.

class NSTextAlternatives

A list of alternative strings for a piece of text.