An object that represents a text table as a whole.


class NSTextTable : NSTextBlock


A text table is responsible for laying out and drawing the text table blocks it contains, and it maintains the basic parameters of the table.


Getting and setting number of columns

var numberOfColumns: Int

The number of columns in the text table.

Getting and setting layout algorithm

var layoutAlgorithm: NSTextTable.LayoutAlgorithm

The text table layout algorithm.

Collapsing borders

var collapsesBorders: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the text table borders are collapsible.

Hiding empty cells

var hidesEmptyCells: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the text table hides empty cells.

Determining layout rectangles

func boundsRect(for: NSTextTableBlock, contentRect: NSRect, in: NSRect, textContainer: NSTextContainer, characterRange: NSRange) -> NSRect

Returns the rectangle the text table block actually occupies, including padding, borders, and margins.


enum NSTextTable.LayoutAlgorithm

These constants, specifying the type of text table layout algorithm, are used with layoutAlgorithm.


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