Instance Property


A Boolean value that determines whether the receiver should draw its insertion point.


@property(readonly) BOOL shouldDrawInsertionPoint;


YES if the receiver should draw its insertion point, NO otherwise.

See Also

Controlling Display

- setNeedsDisplayInRect:avoidAdditionalLayout:

Marks the receiver as requiring display.

- drawInsertionPointInRect:color:turnedOn:

Draws or erases the insertion point.

- drawViewBackgroundInRect:

Draws the background of the text view.

- setConstrainedFrameSize:

Attempts to set the frame size as if by user action.

- cleanUpAfterDragOperation

Releases the drag information still existing after the dragging session has completed.

- showFindIndicatorForRange:

Causes a temporary highlighting effect to appear around the visible portion (or portions) of the specified range.