Instance Property


The empty space the receiver leaves around its associated text container.


@property NSSize textContainerInset;


It is possible to set the text container and view sizes and resizing behavior so that the inset cannot be maintained exactly, although the text system tries to maintain the inset wherever possible. In any case, the textContainerOrigin and size of the text container are authoritative as to the location of the text container within the view.

The text itself can have an additional inset, inside the text container, specified by the lineFragmentPadding method of NSTextContainer.

See Also

Accessing Text System Objects


The receiver’s text container.

- replaceTextContainer:

Replaces the text container for the group of text system objects containing the receiver, keeping the association between the receiver and its layout manager intact.


The origin of the receiver’s text container.

- invalidateTextContainerOrigin

Invalidates the calculated origin of the text container.


The layout manager that lays out text for the receiver’s text container.


The receiver’s text storage object.