Type Property


Posted when the selected range of characters changes.


class let didChangeSelectionNotification: NSNotification.Name


NSTextView posts this notification whenever setSelectedRange(_:affinity:stillSelecting:) is invoked, either directly or through the many methods (mouseDown(with:), selectAll(_:), and so on) that invoke it indirectly. When the user is selecting text, this notification is posted only once, at the end of the selection operation. The text view's delegate receives a textViewDidChangeSelection(_:) message when this notification is posted.

The notification object is the notifying text view. The userInfo dictionary contains the following information:




An NSValue object containing an NSRange structure with the originally selected range.

See Also


class let willChangeNotifyingTextViewNotification: NSNotification.Name

Posted when a new text view is established as the text view that sends notifications.

class let didChangeTypingAttributesNotification: NSNotification.Name

Posted when there is a change in the typing attributes within a text view.