Instance Method


Invokes completion in a text view.


- (void)complete:(id)sender;



The control sending the message. May be nil.


By default invoked using the F5 key, this method provides users with a choice of completions for the word currently being typed. May be invoked programmatically if autocompletion is desired by a client of the text system. You can change the key invoking this method using the text system’s key bindings mechanism; see “Text System Defaults and Key Bindings" for an explanation of the procedure.

The delegate may replace or modify the list of possible completions by implementing textView:completions:forPartialWordRange:indexOfSelectedItem:. Subclasses can control the list by overriding completionsForPartialWordRange:indexOfSelectedItem:.

See Also

Text Completion

- completionsForPartialWordRange:indexOfSelectedItem:

Returns an array of potential completions, in the order to be presented, representing possible word completions available from a partial word.

- insertCompletion:forPartialWordRange:movement:isFinal:

Inserts the selected completion into the text at the appropriate location.


The partial range from the most recent beginning of a word up to the insertion point.