Instance Method


Inserts the selected completion into the text at the appropriate location.


func insertCompletion(_ word: String, forPartialWordRange charRange: NSRange, movement: Int, isFinal flag: Bool)



The text to insert, including the matched partial word and its potential completion.


The range of characters of the matched partial word to be completed.


The direction of movement. For possible values see the NSText Constants section. This value allows subclasses to distinguish between canceling completion and selection by arrow keys, by return, by tab, or by other means such as clicking.


false while the user navigates through the potential text completions, true when a completion is definitively selected or cancelled and the original value is reinserted.


This method has two effects, text substitution and changing of the selection:

  • It replaces the text between charRange.start and the current insertion point with word.

  • If flag is false it changes the selection to be the last n characters of word where n is equal to [word length] minus charRange.length, that is, the potential completion.

  • If flag is true it makes the selection empty and puts the insertion point just after word.

See Also

Text Completion

func complete(Any?)

Invokes completion in a text view.

func completions(forPartialWordRange: NSRange, indexOfSelectedItem: UnsafeMutablePointer<Int>) -> [String]?

Returns an array of potential completions, in the order to be presented, representing possible word completions available from a partial word.

var rangeForUserCompletion: NSRange

The partial range from the most recent beginning of a word up to the insertion point.