Type Property


Posted when a new text view is established as the text view that sends notifications.


class let willChangeNotifyingTextViewNotification: NSNotification.Name


This notification allows observers to reregister themselves for the new text view. Methods such as removeTextContainer(at:), textContainerChangedTextView(_:), and insertTextContainer(_:at:) cause this notification to be posted.

The notification object is the old notifying text view, or nil. The userInfo dictionary contains the following information:




The old NSTextView, if one exists, otherwise nil.


The new NSTextView, if one exists, otherwise nil.

There’s no delegate method associated with this notification. The text-handling system ensures that when a new text view replaces an old one as the notifying text view, the existing delegate becomes the delegate of the new text view, and the delegate is registered to receive text view notifications from the new notifying text view. All other observers are responsible for registering themselves on receiving this notification.

See Also


class let didChangeSelectionNotification: NSNotification.Name

Posted when the selected range of characters changes.

class let didChangeTypingAttributesNotification: NSNotification.Name

Posted when there is a change in the typing attributes within a text view.