Instance Property


The minimum height of the toolbar’s full screen accessory view.


var fullScreenAccessoryViewMinHeight: CGFloat { get set }


The fullScreenAccessoryViewMinHeight is used when the menu bar is hidden. During the reveal, the toolbar’s accessory view's frame is interpolated between its fullScreenAccessoryViewMinHeight and fullScreenAccessoryViewMaxHeight.

If the minimum height is 0 the accessory view is not resized; instead a special transition is used to reveal it with the menu bar. This simplifies the accessory view's task, because it does not have to handle the case of the height being set to 0.

To create a fixed-height accessory view, set the fullScreenAccessoryViewMaxHeight and fullScreenAccessoryViewMinHeight properties to be equal.

The default value is 0.

See Also

Full Screen Accessory View Settings

var fullScreenAccessoryView: NSView?

The toolbar’s full screen accessory view.

var fullScreenAccessoryViewMaxHeight: CGFloat

The maximum height of the toolbar’s full screen accessory view, in points.