A set of optional methods implemented by toolbar delegates to configure the toolbar and respond to changes.


Configuring a Toolbar

func toolbar(NSToolbar, itemForItemIdentifier: NSToolbarItem.Identifier, willBeInsertedIntoToolbar: Bool)

Sent to request a new toolbar item; returns a toolbar item of the identified kind for the specified toolbar.

func toolbarAllowedItemIdentifiers(NSToolbar)

Sent to discover the allowed item identifiers for a toolbar.

func toolbarDefaultItemIdentifiers(NSToolbar)

Sent to discover the default item identifiers for a toolbar.

func toolbarSelectableItemIdentifiers(NSToolbar)

Sent to discover the selectable item identifiers for a toolbar.

Responding to Additions and Deletions in the Toolbar

func toolbarWillAddItem(Notification)

Sent just before a new item is added to a toolbar.

func toolbarDidRemoveItem(Notification)

Sent just after an item has been removed from a toolbar.


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