Instance Property


The receiver’s target.


weak var target: AnyObject? { get set }


If target is nil, the toolbar will call action and attempt to invoke the action on the first responder and, failing that, pass the action up the responder chain.

See Also

Managing attributes

var toolbar: NSToolbar?

The toolbar that is using the receiver.

var label: String

The receiver’s label.

var paletteLabel: String

The label that appears when the receiver is in the customization palette.

var toolTip: String?

The tooltip used when the receiver is displayed in the toolbar.

var menuFormRepresentation: NSMenuItem?

The receiver’s menu form representation.

var tag: Int

The receiver’s tag.

var action: Selector?

The receiver’s action.

var isEnabled: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the receiver is enabled.

var image: NSImage?

The image of the receiver.

var view: NSView?

The receiver’s view.

var minSize: NSSize

The receiver’s minimum size.

var maxSize: NSSize

The receiver’s maximum size.

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