An item in a window’s toolbar.


class NSToolbarItem : NSObject


If an NSToolbarItem has an NSSearchField instance as its view, that search field automatically has its minimum and maximum size adjusted to the system-specified standard values (currently 140 and 240 points).


Creating a Toolbar Item

init(itemIdentifier: NSToolbarItem.Identifier)

Initialize the receiver with a given identifier.

init(itemIdentifier: NSToolbarItem.Identifier, barButtonItem: UIBarButtonItem)

Creates a toolbar item with property values from the specified bar button item.

Managing Attributes

var toolbar: NSToolbar?

The toolbar that is using the receiver.

var label: String

The receiver’s label.

var paletteLabel: String

The label that appears when the receiver is in the customization palette.

var toolTip: String?

The tooltip used when the receiver is displayed in the toolbar.

var title: String

The title of the toolbar item.

var menuFormRepresentation: NSMenuItem?

The receiver’s menu form representation.

var itemMenuFormRepresentation: UIMenuElement?

The receiver’s menu form representation in Mac apps built with Mac Catalyst.

var tag: Int

The receiver’s tag.

var target: AnyObject?

The receiver’s target.

var action: Selector?

The receiver’s action.

var isBordered: Bool

A Boolean value that determines whether the toolbar item has a bordered style.

var isEnabled: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the receiver is enabled.

var image: NSImage?

The image of the receiver.

var view: NSView?

The receiver’s view.

var minSize: NSSize

The receiver’s minimum size.

var maxSize: NSSize

The receiver’s maximum size.


func validate()

This method is called by the receiver’s toolbar during validation.

var autovalidates: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the receiver is automatically validated by the toolbar.

Controlling Duplicates

var allowsDuplicatesInToolbar: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the receiver can be represented in the toolbar at more than one position.


Standard Identifiers

NSToolbarItem defines the following standard toolbar item identifiers.

See Also


class NSToolbarItemGroup

A group of subitems in a toolbar item.