Instance Property


An optional list of identifiers for items (NSTouchBarItem instances) you want to always appear in a bar and which the user cannot remove during customization.


var customizationRequiredItemIdentifiers: [NSTouchBarItem.Identifier] { get set }


Configure this property at your discretion, depending on the design of your app.

The system archives this property.

See Also

Configuring User Customization

var customizationIdentifier: NSTouchBar.CustomizationIdentifier?

A globally-unique string that makes a bar customizable and that is used during instantiation and user customization.

var customizationAllowedItemIdentifiers: [NSTouchBarItem.Identifier]

A list of identifiers for items (NSTouchBarItem instances) you want shown in the bar’s customization UI; the system shows these items in addition to the bar’s default items.