Instance Property


The item identifier for the NSTouchBarItem instance that you are using as a replacement for the system escape button.


var escapeKeyReplacementItemIdentifier: NSTouchBarItem.Identifier? { get set }


You can either include this identifier in the templateItems array, or provide it from the bar’s delegate.

The system does not archive this property.

See Also

Providing Bar Items

var delegate: NSTouchBarDelegate?

The delegate for the bar, used to provide the items for the touch bar.

var templateItems: Set<NSTouchBarItem>

The primary source of NSTouchBarItem instances used by the bar to fill its private items array, unless you provide items using a delegate.

var defaultItemIdentifiers: [NSTouchBarItem.Identifier]

A required list of identifiers for the items (NSTouchBarItem instances) you want to appear when a bar is first instantiated.

var principalItemIdentifier: NSTouchBarItem.Identifier?

The item identifier for the NSTouchBarItem instance you want the system to center in the Touch Bar.