Type Property


A Boolean value indicating whether the main menu contains an item for customizing the contents of the Touch Bar.


@property(class) BOOL automaticCustomizeTouchBarMenuItemEnabled;


When the value of this property is YES, AppKit adds a standard item to the app's View menu that users can select to customize the Touch Bar contents, but only if a Touch Bar is present. If the View menu is unavailable, AppKit adds the item to either the Windows or App menu.

If you prefer to provide a customize menu item, set automaticCustomizeTouchBarMenuItemEnabled to NO, and create the menu item with an action of toggleTouchBarCustomizationPalette:.

The default value of this property is NO.

See Also

Configuring User Customization


A globally unique string that makes the Touch Bar eligible for user customization.


A list of identifiers for items to show in the Touch Bar’s customization UI.


An optional list of identifiers for items you want to always appear in the Touch Bar and which the user can’t remove during customization.


The default type for a Touch Bar customization identifier.