A protocol that allows you to provide the items for a bar dynamically.


protocol NSTouchBarDelegate


Use a bar delegate, according to the needs of your app, to dynamically create items (NSTouchBarItem instances). For more information, see Using NSTouchBarItem Objects.


Providing Bar Items

func touchBar(NSTouchBar, makeItemForIdentifier: NSTouchBarItem.Identifier) -> NSTouchBarItem?

Asks the delegate object for the bar item for the specified bar and item identifier.


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First Steps

Integrating a Toolbar and Touch Bar into Your App

Build a toolbar in your app’s window, with a corresponding Touch Bar, for quick access to app features.

class NSTouchBar

An object that provides dynamic contextual controls in the Touch Bar of supported models of MacBook Pro.

protocol NSTouchBarProvider

A protocol that an object adopts to create a bar object in your app.