A node in a tree of nodes.


class NSTreeNode : NSObject


NSTreeNode simplifies the creation and management of trees of objects. Each tree node represents a model object. A tree node with nil as its parent node is considered the root of the tree.


Creating tree nodes

init(representedObject: Any?)

Initializes a newly allocated tree node that represents the specified object.

Getting information about a node

var representedObject: Any?

The object the tree node represents.

var indexPath: IndexPath

The position of the receiver relative to its root parent.

var isLeaf: Bool

A Boolean that indicates whether the receiver is a leaf node.

var children: [NSTreeNode]?

An array containing receiver’s child nodes.

var mutableChildren: NSMutableArray

A mutable array that provides read-write access to the receiver’s child nodes.

func descendant(at: IndexPath) -> NSTreeNode?

Returns the receiver’s descendent at the specified index path.

var parent: NSTreeNode?

The receiver’s parent node.

Sorting the subtree

func sort(with: [NSSortDescriptor], recursively: Bool)

Sorts the receiver’s subtree using the values of the represented objects with the specified sort descriptors.


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