Instance Property


A mutable array that provides read-write access to the receiver’s child nodes.


var mutableChildren: NSMutableArray { get }


Nodes that are inserted into this array have their parent nodes set to the receiver. Nodes that are removed from this array automatically have their parent node set to nil. The array that is returned is observable using key-value observing.

See Also

Getting information about a node

var representedObject: Any?

The object the tree node represents.

var indexPath: IndexPath

The position of the receiver relative to its root parent.

var isLeaf: Bool

A Boolean that indicates whether the receiver is a leaf node.

var children: [NSTreeNode]?

An array containing receiver’s child nodes.

func descendant(at: IndexPath) -> NSTreeNode?

Returns the receiver’s descendent at the specified index path.

var parent: NSTreeNode?

The receiver’s parent node.