Instance Property


Returns the current paragraph separator character range.


var paragraphSeparatorCharacterRange: NSRange { get }

Return Value

The current paragraph separator character range, which is the full range that contains the current character range and that extends from one paragraph separator character to the next.

See Also

Accessing Paragraph Typesetting Information

var currentParagraphStyle: NSParagraphStyle?

Returns the paragraph style object for the text being typeset.

var attributedString: NSAttributedString?

Returns the text backing store, usually an instance of NSTextStorage.

func setParagraphGlyphRange(NSRange, separatorGlyphRange: NSRange)

Sets the current glyph range being processed.

var paragraphGlyphRange: NSRange

Returns the glyph range currently being processed.

var paragraphSeparatorGlyphRange: NSRange

Returns the current paragraph separator range.

var paragraphCharacterRange: NSRange

Returns the character range currently being processed.

var attributesForExtraLineFragment: [NSAttributedString.Key : Any]

Returns the attributes used to lay out the extra line fragment.