Instance Method


Returns whether the line being laid out should be broken by hyphenating at the specified character.


- (BOOL)shouldBreakLineByHyphenatingBeforeCharacterAtIndex:(NSUInteger)charIndex;



The index of the character just after the proposed hyphenation would occur.

Return Value

YES if the line should be broken by hyphenating, NO otherwise.


The typesetter calls this method, if implemented by a subclass, before breaking a line by hyphenating before the character at charIndex, enabling the subclass to control line breaking.

A subclass can override this method to customize the text layout process. If the method returns NO, the typesetter continues looking for a break point.

See Also

Laying Out Glyphs

- layoutGlyphsInLayoutManager:startingAtGlyphIndex:maxNumberOfLineFragments:nextGlyphIndex:

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- hyphenCharacterForGlyphAtIndex:

Returns the hyphen character to be inserted after the specified glyph.

- hyphenationFactorForGlyphAtIndex:

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- shouldBreakLineByWordBeforeCharacterAtIndex:

Returns whether the line being laid out should be broken by a word break at the specified character.

- willSetLineFragmentRect:forGlyphRange:usedRect:baselineOffset:

Called by the typesetter just prior to storing the actual line fragment rectangle location in the layout manager.

- setHardInvalidation:forGlyphRange:

Sets whether to force the layout manager to invalidate the specified portion of the glyph cache when invalidating layout.