Instance Method


Returns the bounding rectangle for the specified control glyph with the specified parameters.


- (NSRect)boundingBoxForControlGlyphAtIndex:(NSUInteger)glyphIndex forTextContainer:(NSTextContainer *)textContainer proposedLineFragment:(NSRect)proposedRect glyphPosition:(NSPoint)glyphPosition characterIndex:(NSUInteger)charIndex;



The index of the control glyph in question.


The text container to use to calculate the position.


The proposed line fragment rectangle.


The position of the glyph in textContainer.


The character index in textContainer.

Return Value

The bounding rectangle of the control glyph at glyphIndex, at the given glyphPosition and character index charIndex, in textContainer.


The typesetter calls this method when it encounters a control glyph. The default behavior is to return zero width for control glyphs. A subclass can override this method to do something different, such as implement a way to display control characters.

NSGlyphGenerator can choose whether or not to map control characters to NSControlGlyph. Tab characters, for example, do not use this facility.

See Also

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