Instance Property


The shadow displayed underneath the view.


@NSCopying var shadow: NSShadow? { get set }

Return Value

An instance of NSShadow that is created using the shadowColor,shadowOffset, shadowOpacity, and shadowRadius properties of the view’s layer.


The default value of this property is normally nil. When you configure any of the shadow-related properties on the view’s layer, such as the shadowColor,shadowOffset, shadowOpacity or shadowRadius properties, this property contains the NSShadow object that encapsulates that information. Assigning a new shadow object to this property sets the corresponding shadow-related properties on the view’s layer.

If the view does not have a layer, setting the value of this property has no effect.

See Also

Managing Layer-Related Properties

var alphaValue: CGFloat

The opacity of the view.

var frameCenterRotation: CGFloat

The rotation angle of the view around the center of its layer.

var backgroundFilters: [CIFilter]

An array of Core Image filters to apply to the view’s background.

var compositingFilter: CIFilter?

The Core Image filter used to composite the view’s contents with its background.

var contentFilters: [CIFilter]

An array of Core Image filters to apply to the contents of the view and its sublayers.