Instance Property


The focus ring mask bounds, specified in the view’s coordinate space.


@property(readonly) NSRect focusRingMaskBounds;


The rectangle in this property is specified relative to the view’s interior (bounds) coordinate space. The mask bounds allows the focus ring’s overall size and position to be determined before it is drawn. Override this property if your view requires the display of a focus ring. The default value of this property is NSZeroRect.

See Also

Focus Ring Drawing


The type of focus ring drawn around the view.

- drawFocusRingMask

Draws the focus ring mask for the view.

- noteFocusRingMaskChanged

Invoked to notify the view that the focus ring mask requires updating.

- setKeyboardFocusRingNeedsDisplayInRect:

Invalidates the area around the focus ring.


Returns the default focus ring type.