Instance Method


Rotates the view’s bounds rectangle by a specified degree value around the origin of the coordinate system, (0.0, 0.0).


- (void)rotateByAngle:(CGFloat)angle;



A float value specifying the angle of rotation, in degrees.


See the boundsRotation method description for more information. This method neither redisplays the view nor marks it as needing display. You must do this yourself by calling the display method or setting the needsDisplay property.

This method posts an NSViewBoundsDidChangeNotification to the default notification center if the view is configured to do so.

See Also

Modifying the Coordinate System

- translateOriginToPoint:

Translates the view’s coordinate system so that its origin moves to a new location.

- scaleUnitSquareToSize:

Scales the view’s coordinate system so that the unit square scales to the specified dimensions.