Instance Property


A Boolean value indicating whether the view can pass mouse down events through to its superviews.


@property(readonly) BOOL mouseDownCanMoveWindow;


This property lets you determine the region by which a window can be moved. The default value of this property is NO if the view is opaque; otherwise, it is set to YES. Subclasses can override this property to return different values based on the event.

See Also

Event Handling

- acceptsFirstMouse:

Overridden by subclasses to return YES if the view should be sent a mouseDown: message for an initial mouse-down event, NO if not.

- hitTest:

Returns the farthest descendant of the view in the view hierarchy (including itself) that contains a specified point, or nil if that point lies completely outside the view.

- mouse:inRect:

Returns whether a region of the view contains a specified point, accounting for whether the view is flipped or not.

- performKeyEquivalent:

Implemented by subclasses to respond to key equivalents (also known as keyboard shortcuts).

- rightMouseDown:

Informs the view that the user has pressed the right mouse button.


The text input context object for the view.