Instance Method


Informs the view that the bounds size of its superview has changed.


func resize(withOldSuperviewSize oldSize: NSSize)



The previous size of the superview's bounds rectangle.


This method is normally invoked automatically from resizeSubviews(withOldSize:).

The default implementation resizes the view according to the autoresizing options specified by the autoresizingMask property. You shouldn’t invoke this method directly, but you can override it to define a specific resizing behavior.

If you override this method and call super as part of your implementation, you should be sure to call super before making changes to the receiving view’s frame yourself.

See Also

Resizing Subviews

var autoresizesSubviews: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the view applies the autoresizing behavior to its subviews when its frame size changes.

var autoresizingMask: NSView.AutoresizingMask

The options that determine how the view is resized relative to its superview.

func resizeSubviews(withOldSize: NSSize)

Informs the view’s subviews that the view’s bounds rectangle size has changed.