Instance Method


Invalidates all cursor rectangles set up using addCursorRect(_:cursor:).


func discardCursorRects()


You need never invoke this method directly; neither is it typically invoked during the invalidation of cursor rectangles. NSWindow automatically invalidates cursor rectangles in response to invalidateCursorRects(for:) and before the view's cursor rectangles are reestablished using resetCursorRects(). This method is invoked just before the view is removed from a window and when the view is deallocated.

See Also

Managing Cursor Tracking

func addCursorRect(NSRect, cursor: NSCursor)

Establishes the cursor to be used when the mouse pointer lies within a specified region.

func removeCursorRect(NSRect, cursor: NSCursor)

Completely removes a cursor rectangle from the view.

func resetCursorRects()

Overridden by subclasses to define their default cursor rectangles.