Instance Method


Removes a specified child controller from the view controller.


- (void)removeChildViewControllerAtIndex:(NSInteger)index;



The index in the childViewControllers array for the child view controller you want to remove.


Override this method if you want to perform work during the removal of a child view controller. If you do override this method, in your implementation call this method on super.

If you just want to remove a child view controller, instead use use the removeFromParentViewController method

See Also

Managing Child View Controllers in a Custom Container

- addChildViewController:

A convenience method for adding a child view controller at the end of the childViewControllers array.


An array of view controllers that are hierarchical children of the view controller.

- transitionFromViewController:toViewController:options:completionHandler:

Performs a transition between two sibling child view controllers of the view controller.

- insertChildViewController:atIndex:

Inserts a specified child view controller into the childViewControllers array at a specified position.

- removeFromParentViewController

Removes the called view controller from its parent view controller.

- preferredContentSizeDidChangeForViewController:

Called when there is a change in value of the preferredContentSize property of a child view controller or a presented view controller.