Instance Method


Presents another view controller using a specified, custom animator for presentation and dismissal.


- (void)presentViewController:(NSViewController *)viewController animator:(id<NSViewControllerPresentationAnimator>)animator;



The other view controller to present from the view controller.


The animation delegate to employ for presentation and dismissal of the other view controller. The animator that you specify is retained until the dismissViewController: method is called and the dismissal animation completes.


Do not call this method unless you want to use a custom animator. To use one of the standard animators to present another view controller, instead call one of the dedicated presentation methods:

Each of these methods calls this method in turn. User interaction is blocked during presentation and dismissal.

See Also

Presenting Another View Controller’s Content

- dismissViewController:

Dismisses a presented view controller, using the same animator that presented it.

- presentViewControllerAsModalWindow:

Presents another view controller as a modal window, also known as an alert.

- presentViewControllerAsSheet:

Presents another view controller as a sheet.