Instance Method


Called when there is a change in value of the preferredContentSize property of a child view controller or a presented view controller.


func preferredContentSizeDidChange(for viewController: NSViewController)



The view controller whose preferredContentSize property value changed.


Override this method if you want to adjust layout when a child view controller or presented view controller changes its preferred content size.

See Also

Managing Child View Controllers in a Custom Container

func addChild(NSViewController)

A convenience method for adding a child view controller at the end of the children array.

var children: [NSViewController]

An array of view controllers that are hierarchical children of the view controller.

func insertChild(NSViewController, at: Int)

Inserts a specified child view controller into the children array at a specified position.

func removeChild(at: Int)

Removes a specified child controller from the view controller.

func removeFromParent()

Removes the called view controller from its parent view controller.