Instance Method


Inserts a specified child view controller into the children array at a specified position.


func insertChild(_ childViewController: NSViewController, at index: Int)



The child view controller to add to the children array.


The index in the children array at which to insert the child view controller. This value must not be greater than the count of elements in the array.


You should instead use the addChild(_:) method unless you want to perform work on child view controllers as you add them. In that case, override this method to perform that work.

If a child view controller has a different parent when you call this method, the child is first be removed from its existing parent by calling the child’s removeFromParent() method.

See Also

Managing Child View Controllers in a Custom Container

func addChild(NSViewController)

A convenience method for adding a child view controller at the end of the children array.

var children: [NSViewController]

An array of view controllers that are hierarchical children of the view controller.

func removeChild(at: Int)

Removes a specified child controller from the view controller.

func removeFromParent()

Removes the called view controller from its parent view controller.

func preferredContentSizeDidChange(for: NSViewController)

Called when there is a change in value of the preferredContentSize property of a child view controller or a presented view controller.