Instance Method


Presents another view controller as a sheet.


func presentAsSheet(_ viewController: NSViewController)



The other view controller to present as a sheet.


This method calls the present(_:animator:) method on self (the presenting view controller), and passes a sheet animator to that method.

The presented view controller is the delegate and the content view controller of its sheet.

To dismiss the sheet, call the dismiss(_:) method on self (the presenting view controller).

See Also

Presenting Another View Controller’s Content

func present(NSViewController, animator: NSViewControllerPresentationAnimator)

Presents another view controller using a specified, custom animator for presentation and dismissal.

func dismiss(NSViewController)

Dismisses a presented view controller, using the same animator that presented it.

func presentAsModalWindow(NSViewController)

Presents another view controller as a modal window, also known as an alert.