Type Property


Returns the default depth limit for instances of NSWindow.


class var defaultDepthLimit: NSWindow.Depth { get }

Return Value

The default depth limit for instances of NSWindow, determined by the depth of the deepest screen level available to the window server.


The value returned can be examined with the Application Kit functions isPlanar, colorSpaceName, bitsPerSample, and bitsPerPixel.

See Also

Accessing Window Information

var windowNumber: Int

The window number of the window’s window device.

class func windowNumbers(options: NSWindow.NumberListOptions) -> [NSNumber]?

Returns the window numbers for all visible windows satisfying the specified options.

var deviceDescription: [NSDeviceDescriptionKey : Any]

A dictionary containing information about the window’s resolution, such as color, depth, and so on.

struct NSDeviceDescriptionKey

These constants are the keys for device description dictionaries used by deviceDescription.

var canBecomeVisibleWithoutLogin: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the window can be displayed at the login window.

var sharingType: NSWindow.SharingType

A Boolean value that indicates the level of access other processes have to the window’s content.

var backingType: NSWindow.BackingStoreType

The window’s backing store type.

var depthLimit: NSWindow.Depth

The depth limit of the window.

var hasDynamicDepthLimit: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the window’s depth limit can change to match the depth of the screen it’s on.