Instance Method


Returns the window’s frame rectangle with a given content rectangle.


- (NSRect)frameRectForContentRect:(NSRect)contentRect;



The content rectangle for the window expressed in screen coordinates.

Return Value

The window’s frame rectangle, expressed in screen coordinates, with contentRect.


The window uses its current style mask in computing the frame rectangle. See NSWindowStyleMask for a list of style mask values. The major advantage of this instance-method counterpart to frameRectForContentRect:styleMask: is that it allows you to take toolbars into account when converting between content and frame rectangles. (The toolbar is included in the frame rectangle but not the content rectangle.)

See Also

Getting Layout Information

+ contentRectForFrameRect:styleMask:

Returns the content rectangle used by a window with a given frame rectangle and window style.

+ frameRectForContentRect:styleMask:

Returns the frame rectangle used by a window with a given content rectangle and window style.

+ minFrameWidthWithTitle:styleMask:

Returns the minimum width a window’s frame rectangle must have for it to display a title, with a given window style.

- contentRectForFrameRect:

Returns the window’s content rectangle with a given frame rectangle.