Instance Method


Adds a given window as a child window of the window.


func addChildWindow(_ childWin: NSWindow, ordered place: NSWindow.OrderingMode)



The child window to order.



After the childWin is added as a child of the window, it is maintained in relative position indicated by place for subsequent ordering operations involving either window. While this attachment is active, moving childWin will not cause the window to move (as in sliding a drawer in or out), but moving the window will cause childWin to move.

Note that you should not create cycles between parent and child windows. For example, you should not add window B as child of window A, then add window A as a child of window B.

See Also

Managing Attached Windows

var childWindows: [NSWindow]?

An array of the window’s attached child windows.

func removeChildWindow(NSWindow)

Detaches a given child window from the window.

var parent: NSWindow?

The parent window to which the window is attached as a child.